Highlights – February

As its the end of the month, its time to look forward at what’s caught my eye for next month.

February 15th:

Hyperdimension Neptunia – With a name like this, it could only be a JRPG, you say? Well you’d be right. But this one has such a comical premise that I’m dying to give a try. The basic premise is that you play as a series of characters who are meant to represent the various game consoles in the current generation. Yes, you read that right. I’ve been watching some of the footage of it, and it looks hilarious.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 – Now here’s a big one. Possibly the most anticipated fighting game of the 2000’s, this one bears watching. With a staggering roster of 36 characters at retail and two more via dlc, this is a huge game that may well be the big one at tournaments the world over for the next few years.

February 22nd

Killzone 3 – The PS3 exclusive sequel to the fairly widely praised Killzone 2, the addition of Move support and 3d makes this a very interesting one to watch. The first solid FPS to allow motion control – and it will be very interesting to see how this plays out; and also one of the first big steps in Sony’s 3d movement. Definitely going to pay attention to this and to seeing how it plays out.

Bulletstorm – The very stylish FPS in development by Epic Games is also landing this day, which offers a stark contrast to most of the FPS out there in that the primary focus is style. I am very interested in seeing how this plays out in the long run. I just wish they were offering a third person perspective option for it.

Worth a brief mention is also the re-release of the amazing PS1 Tactical RPG Tactics Ogre, coming out on the 15th for the PSP. If you missed it on PS1 and like the genre(same style as Final Fantasy Tactics or Vandal Hearts), definitely going to be one you’ll want to grab.

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