Looking back – 2010 in review

Time to take a look back at the highlights and lowlights, the pleasant surprises and the immense disappointments of the year 2010.

Lets start with the biggest disappointments of 2010:

E3 2010 Microsoft conference. The conference was a joke, and I’m surprised they weren’t either boo’ed or laughed off the stage. Watching it on tv, I was shocked by how little enthusiasm and excitement I saw in the faces of the people watching the conference. People looked bored which isn’t what you want at E3.

Iron Man 2 – the Game. Yet again, we fail to capture the power and grace of Iron Man, in stead leaving people scratching their heads and wondering how they failed that bad despite such good material to work with.

Metroid: Other M. An incredibly awkward control scheme, lack of support for the classic controller pro, and turning one of the strongest and most unique heroines in the video game world into a weak-willed, subservient, approval craving weakling. Fail.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. One of the most promising games was barely even the size of a dlc pack, combined with awkward controls and some incredibly poor design decisions lead to a disappointment that we haven’t seen in the sci-fi world since… well… Star Wars Episode 1.

Motion fighting fail – “The Fight” and “Fighters Uncaged”. Arguably the worst two fighting games in the history of the genre, one could almost make a case for their respective designers competing to see how could ruin a motion fighting game more irreparably.

But luckily there were many highlights to counteract those… and some of the most amazing games ever made came out this year. Lets get onto the highlights of the year.

E3 2010 Sony conference – Kevin Butler’s monologue. Absolutely hilarious. Watched it a few times, each time was more entertaining than the last.

Starcraft 2. A rebirth of the RTS genre, preserving the best of older games in the genre and melding it with the beauty of new tech and graphics.

CoD: Black Ops – I may not like First Person games, but I can still recognize an impressive accomplishment when I see one and this game certainly qualifies.

Bayonetta. Quite possibly the most unique and interesting game of its genre. Its sense of style, unwillingness to compromise its vision, and the depth of its story are unrivaled among these games, leading to a game that I recommend everyone old enough to legally purchase it play.

A GOOD Transformers game – finally! Transformers: War for Cybertron has fulfilled our wishes for a fun transformers game and offered some fairly engaging multiplayer to boot.

Blizzcon 2010 – the famous “Geek” speech and the unveiling of the Demon Hunter. Chris Metzen turned what was likely to be a rather dry Blizzcon(due to a lack of major new unexpected announcements and a recently announced sc2 expansion delay) into something awesome with his Geek speech. I recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it go watch it. Also, the reveal trailer for the Demon Hunter was a thing of beauty. I was floored by that, almost in tears at certain moments. That is my D3 class to start with anyways.

Last but not least: the new Tech is unbelievable. Between the insane accuracy of the Move and the incredible possibilities of the Kinect we’ve got a revolution in gaming tech that I won’t even try to predict where it will all end. But it is a good time to be a gamer.

And the funniest moment of 2010:

The ‘Rainbow Archon’ from the SC2 mapmaking panel at Blizzcon 2010. My wife and I, watching that, were both laughing so hard, especially when the two rainbow archons appeared on screen side by side. Class. Pure class.

Overall 2010 was a very good year for gamers, one of the first years in a long time where I wasn’t able to buy every game I wanted to play, or even finish every game I bought! Even among these highlights I didn’t even cover the majority of the highlights of the year – these were just a few I felt worthy of note.

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