Muses – Motion Gaming

The Playstation Move –

The more practical “Playstation Move” saw moderate success hindered mostly by a lack of impressive opening software. The tech is impressively responsive with still allowing for a normal, intuitive control scheme. I’m quite eagerly awaiting the new PSM titles coming soon – Killzone 3, Heroes on the Move, and Sorcery. It will be very interesting to see how things go once there’s some good software. The other aspect of the move that really has me excited is Sony’s philosophy towards it. They are encouraging developers to use it as an option for most titles. This is huge. The more different ways there are to play a game, the more accessible the game is. This is one lesson I hope other companies learn from it.

Kinect –

The controversial ‘Kinect’ is a controller-free motion gaming option, as I’m sure we all know by now. This has some fascinating applications from a utility standpoint. The idea of being able to talk to your console and gesture to access menus is pretty awesome – and from all accounts it works marvelously. From a gaming standpoint, aside from the obvious rhythm, dancing, and fitness gaming uses; it just baffles me as to how any game could possibly still be FUN without a controller. I’m looking forward to seeing if Sony and Nintendo learn from the utility applications, but I have very low expectations for the Kinect being fun for any serious gaming.

Wii –

The Wii is pretty much at the end of its life. It has had a very good life though, selling in unrivaled and remarkable amounts. Bravo Nintendo for providing a revolution in gaming that has impacted the entire gaming scope. If only you hadn’t made your controller so awkward and uncomfortable to hold, I might actually use your system more than once a year. I hope that Nintendo, when making their next console, makes the controller a little more comfortable. But I don’t foresee much more coming out of the Wii – which means new console time.

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