The PSP – not quite so dead, is it?

The Playstation Portable, a console that had a low install base in North America, fairly low sales accross the board, and has been criticized year after year for its poor showing and titles. Until last year – last year was a really good year for the PSP; between Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Lunar, among others. This year promises to be even better.

Just recently we saw the well-made PSP port of the PS1/Saturn/Super Famicom Classic Tactical RPG – Tactics Ogre( I love remakes, especially of such classic games. Its nice to be able to play the old games we love on new platforms – especially when the graphics and audio have been remastered.

March 15:

 Gods Eater Burst( – This Monster Hunter-style game is landing tomorrow. Some of the footage I’ve seen of this looks very promising and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Very interested in picking it up – will probably be doing so on Tuesday. Look forward to a review of this fairly soon.

Also this week is the introduction of Dissidia Duodecim, entitled “Prologus” on the PSN. This is a brief story of Lightning to give an intro into how things stand at the start of Duodecim – not to mention that it gives you an unlock for Aerith as an assist character in Duodecim. For only 3 dollars, not too shabby if I say so myself.

March 22

Dissidia (012) Duodecim Final Fantasy ( – After sinking 200+ hours into the first Dissidia over the 1.5 years since its release, I’m definitely very excited for the prequel to that exciting Fighter RPG. Also, if you missed the first one, this game is supposed to come with the story for the first one included within it according to all sources retold using the new revised game mechanics. Seems like a good value – can’t wait to see if they’ve improved it.

March 29

Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky ( – This is a PSP remake of an old JRPG that came out originally for the PC, but then was re-released for the PSP in Japan, and is now after nearly 6 years coming to North America. I’m quite interested to give it a try as the reviews have been very good for it in Japan, and I’m always up for a new JRPG.

The 3rd Birthday( – The long awaited spiritual sequel to the PS1 classic Square “Parasite Eve” series arrives this month on the PSP. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get back behind Aya and have some more 3rd person shooting action with her. The game is not a literal sequel in the text of being directly following the events, but the star is the same and its been built to be a spiritual successor to it. Once this comes out, I’ll be hard pressed to decide which to play between it and Dissidia – a situation that will be not entirely unwelcome!

April 19th

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection – The Final Fantasy 4 PSP remake, inclusive with all of the other FF4 content they’ve made over the year, lands in about a month. Final Fantasy 4 ranks among my favourite games of all time, and I am eager to be able to play it on my PSP. And being able to play The After Years as well is just the icing on the cake.

Written by: Sean

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