Currently playing – April

I’ve got a pretty full plate at the moment – and as a result I have been swapping from game to game and not actually finishing any of them. This is why there haven’t been any review posts lately! Here’s my first edition of ‘what I’m playing’, articles where I’ll give brief summaries of what I think of the games I’m currently playing.

Hyperdimension Neptunia(PS3) – Finally managed to get my hands on this. It’s quite a gem – loving the humour in the game – pure class. It not only breaks the fourth wall, it dances on the rubble.

Final Fantasy Dissidia (012) Duodecim(PSP) – Loving the improvements over the original. Having a ton of fun with this endless fighting game.

3rd Birthday(PSP) – Absolutely thrilled with the difficulty in this game. On hard, this game really keeps me on my toes, providing a real challenge for me – unlike most games.

Dragone Age 2 – Huge improvement over the first game, but still quite flawed overall. Having a lot of fun with it and so glad to see that at least this one has a story.

Starcraft 2 – Still addicted to the multiplayer here. Such fun.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – The most fun WoW has ever been is right now. And that says a lot!

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