Following the PSN outage – My Pledge as a Gamer

I am sick of hearing how immature and selfish gamers are acting with this. As gamers, we should be in support of the video game industry. Yes, of course its unfortunate, but it isn’t like this is the first time a sophisticated system has been hacked. We should be angry at the people responsible, not the primary victim of this. You guys getting pissed off at Sony for being hacked reminds me of that sexual assault case a few years back where the woman was told she was ‘asking to be assaulted’ by what she was wearing. Blaming the victim, not the criminal. Sure it sucks for us, knowing our personal info might have been compromised(although it’s not like any of that info except maybe our passwords was really that secure), but Sony is the real victim here.

So, in support of gaming, and as a true gamer, I am going to make a pledge – and I ask that anyone else who is truly in support of gaming in all its forms make the same pledge.

I hereby pledge that I will not ask for any reimbursement for this downtime, that I will not support or participate in the class action lawsuit, that I will not vote for any politician that tries to make a big deal over this issue, and that I will continue to maintain the same habits as a gamer – not allowing this to change my opinions of the console, the service, or the company – and that I will continue to support gaming.


  • No company is secure in this age of computing. Computers are too powerful that they can cut through security like a knife in hot butter. I am surprised we don’t hear about issues like this more often.
    We can’t blame the companies that get attacked. Blame the idiots doing these hacks. We have to find them and then share their identities with the world so everyone can decide what to do with them.

  • Yep, absolutely true. Afterall Nintendo also just got hacked, but they kept it quiet since there was no perceived customer impact. It’s a huge issue, and it’s one that unfortunately isn’t going to go away anytime soon.