Highlights – June 2011

June is usually the start of the summer lull in gaming releases, but it always has a few big ones; a few well-anticipated movie releases, and even a major event. So it’s looking to be a pretty big month.

June 3: X-Men First Class – Pretty huge release, definitely excited for this one, especially after seeing the previews and commercials.

June 7: inFamous 2 – Sequel to the action sandbox game from a few years back, and another huge release – possibly large enough to even distract from E3.

Red Faction: Armageddon – Always an innovative game, fun to see what new tech they showcase in the Red Faction series. The level of environment destruction in the last one was impressive, interested to see what they have to show off for this one.

June 7-9: E3 2011! The largest videogame conference in the world, happening in LA as always. Predictions will be posted soon!

June 10: Super 8 – The trailers looked interesting, although I often dislike movies where the main characters are children… but this is another I’ll be giving a look-see.

June 14: Alice: Madness Returns – Missed the first one back in 2000, but since this release includes a download of the first one regardless of platform you purchase it for, that’s not a problem. The game definitely looks intriguing, and I will quite likely be giving it a try when it hits shelves on June 14.

Child of Eden – Only coming out on this date for the 360, but it is definitely an interesting title. I may delay purchasing it due to the number of other titles still working on, but looks like a fun one to play, with a controller anyways. Looks like it’d be obnoxiously awkward to try to play without one however.

Duke Nukem Forever – Yep, it’s first person, but still – it’s Duke Nukem. Really… how much more does one need to say?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Yes, I know, the previous transformers movie games have sucked. Bad. And the movies have too… but Dark of the Moon’s tie in game is being designed by the same people who made the last GOOD transformers game: War for Cybertron. So I have high hopes.

June 16: Dawn of Fantasy – MMORTS? Interesting concept, looking forward to seeing this one pan out. Glad to see they cancelled the console version though, console RTS games never work.

June 17: The Green Lantern – Trailers for this look awesome, can’t wait to see it.

June 21: Dungeon Siege 3 – The Dungeon Siege games have usually been quite well done, and I’m looking forward to the console version of #3.

Shadows of the Damned – Third person psychological action shooter? I’m intrigued already… from the minds of Resident Evil and No More Heroes? Definitely interested.

Pretty huge June, if I do say so myself. Opens up strong, and stays all the way through. Happy E3 everyone! ;)

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