Muses – E3: Predictions, Hopes, and Thoughts

With E3 2011 just around the corner, now’s the time for us all to look to the next year of gaming.



  1. Microsoft will way overhype Kinect again, but not quite to the same extent that they were ridiculed for last year.
  2. Circque du Soleil will not be there.
  3. Gears of War 3 will take the spotlight.
  4. They will have something Halo to show off to reassure people that Halo isn’t dead.


  1. Another apology for everything that happened with the PSN hack.
  2. Kevin Butler.
  3. A lot of PS3 exclusives will be given a nice limelight to show new trailers.
  4. Move and 3d will once again be big players in the PS3 section.
  5. The ICO collection will be showcased, and American versions of the PSP remasters will be announced.
  6. Success among recent PSP titles will likely be mentioned leading in to a discussion of the NGP hopefully with a REAL name for it, and a pricepoint.
  7. Someone will try to hack the PSN again during the Sony conference at E3.


  1. Nintendo will once again assume an incredibly elitist attitude and tout their sales numbers for the Wii and DS as proof of superiority.
  2. Nintendo will officially unveil the Wii Stream(hahaha) and will announce the first wave of games for it, just like they did for the 3ds last year.
  3. OoT 3DS will have significant spotlight time.
  4. The 3DS and its upcoming titles will be most of the show.


As far as individual Developers go…

Square Enix: To help combat the drastic losses they’ve taken recently, they’re going to go all out for E3 this year to generate some positive hype. I’m guessing FF13-2, Type-0, Tomb Raider, and HitMan will be their big show highlights this year. Also hoping to get some info out of  WAKFU private event.

EA: Focus will be split between Bioware, with ME3 DA3 and TOR being their biggest highlights and EA Sports presentation trying to hype new developments in their sports franchises. I think the other big points will be Amalur and BF3. I don’t forsee any big surprises from the EA conference.

ACtivision: Most of their attention here will be on their big Superhero titles: Spiderman: Edge of Time, Prototype 2, X-Men: Destiny. Some new titles from some of their smaller, quiet studios will be announced. CoD: MW3 will have some headline space as well. Biggest surprise will probably be from Bungie.

Bethesda: Biggest emphasis will be on Skyrim – being their biggest title. Announcement of FAllout 4 will be made, and Rage will be showcased.

Biggest things I’m hoping to see more of are MGS:Rising, Final Fantasy Type:0, DMC, Final Fantasy vs 13, Mass Effect 3, The Secret World, Thief 4, Dragon’s Dogma, another Nier game, Sorcery, more Prototype 2, and I’d like an announcement that some of the big first person games in development will also have 3rd person game modes, but I don’t really expect that.

Final thoughts:

Sony’s conference’s success is going to depend on whether they can wrap up the PSN affair and then move on to games. If they focus on their lineup, they’re probably going to have the most impressive showing – have you seen the lineup of ps3 exclusives? It’s pretty impressive. Basically Sony has to do 3 things: Provide closure on the PSN fiasco, show off their impressive lineup with some demos and some new footage, and give the NGP a name and a price. If they can hit all 3 checks, we’ll be talking about their conference fondly.

Nintendo’s conference will hinge on whether the Stream is impressive or not. If it seems Nintendo takes the stance they’ve been taking lately of ‘go to hell hardcore gamers we don’t need you we’ve got a mountain of money’ then their conference will likely be the lowpoint of the show since E3 is mostly of interest to the hardcore gamers. If, however, they seem to have learned their lesson and make a split focus with some parts being casual and some part of it geared to really bring the hardcore gamers back, they might steal the show. Another big thing that will make a huge difference in their success is whether they can make the 3DS relevent with some good solid unique software. But it all hinges on their new console, which will hopefully have a better name than Cafe or Stream.

Microsoft’s in a really difficult position here. Their ‘big impressive technology’ from last year is something that, while it is impressive on a technical level, is barely ever even thought about among gamers. It only ever comes up in conversation as a reference to fitness games really. So they can’t really showcase that again, because it hasn’t done much of note. And they really lack a strong software lineup that we know of. So Microsoft’s conference being successful really hinges on what secrets they have. Sony and Nintendo we can make a fairly educated guess about what they’re going to discuss. With Microsoft, on the other hand, we just don’t know. As far as announced points of interest, there really isn’t enough to fill a conference, so Microsoft has to be keeping something a big secret. What that is will determine the success of their conference. Regardless, however, unless Sony and Nintendo both screw up, I don’t forsee Microsoft stealing the show like they did 2 years ago. I just hope it isn’t as bad as last year…

The developers to watch this year are Bioware, Square, Sony, and Konami, I think.

Written by: Sean

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