Thor (Movie)

Thor tells the story of the legendary God of Thunder himself being banished by his father, Odin, for his arrogance and his headstrong attitude – but not everything is exactly as it seems.

From the start to the finish, this movie looks fantastic. The realm of Asgard is gorgeous, the frost giants look exactly as they should, and every aspect of the special effects is perfectly tailored to the effect it wants to produce. The combat is brutal and the rainbow bridge stunning. Probably the only part that isn’t fantastic is the 3d. I don’t really think this is one of those movies that the 3d version is worth it. It’s barely noticable except at a few parts.

But probably the best part of this movie, although it doesn’t seem like it would be in this type, is the character development. Everyone in this movie was cast superbly well, from Asgard to Earth, I don’t think they made a single mis-cast. Hemsworth turned what could have been a completely unrelatable character into a remarkably down-to-earth(forgive the pun) superhero figure countered well by the eccentric scientist portrayed by Natalie Portman – the type of person completely unconcerned with her own health is pursuit of her scientific goals. But I think the most well-acted character in the movie was Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. Loki is the type of character that could very easily have been portrayed as a complete villain – evil, cold, and heartless. But in stead, thanks to a good script and superb acting, Loki played out as a contrary character that is just sure he’s right. He genuinely believes at the heart of it that he is doing good, and that every act is justified by that fact. This makes him into a very relatable villain, rather than a cold, implacable evil. Which suited the movie just fantastically.

Thor is a movie that is part high action, part bumbling comedy, part redemption, and part love story… and while none of those parts are the shining examples of their genres, they all play together to form a very compelling story with a truly superb cast.

  • porkbun_

    For your first movie review, this is fantastic!

    I hadn’t really debated on if I would see the movie or not, but your review honestly makes me want to toss my jeans back on (I’ve slipped into comfy pj pants already bahah) and head out to the theater for the next showing.

    Great work Sean!

  • bloodthurst

    I am very interested in seeing Thor…however, I will have to disagree about the casting. Perhaps I have high expectations about the portrayal of the scientist (changed from nurse if I am not mistaken) played by Natalie Blah-men. I just find her extremely vanilla and boring. Nothing about her excites me…and IMO she doesn’t add to the thrill of THOR.

    I could be totally wrong…but I have found her performances in the past very HO-HUM at best. Perhaps I need to be less passionate about my superheros and lower my expectation and give the gal a chance. We shall see!

  • Don’t get me wrong, to a large extent I agree that she is often a fairly dry actress. But she does seem to come off fairly well in Thor.