Classic Recommendation – Xenogears (PS1/PSN)

Hello TGR-net readers. I’ve been wanting to start offering a regular series of short recommendations for classic games that every gamer should play. These will be either some of the best games I’ve ever played, or games that really had a huge impact on gaming and how people make games.

This is the first in that series: Xenogears

Xenogears was created by Square for the Playstation 1, and has been recently released for the PSN as a PS1 Classic – making it very easy to get your hands on!

Xenogears is a Japanese RPG from the era of Final Fantasy’s prime, and it is probably the best story I’ve ever seen in a game. The story touches on elements that most games didn’t dare go into in those days, things like religious corruption and manipulation, slavery, sexuality, racism, psychology and others. But not only that, it is incredibly well written; and actually includes some not too terrible voice acting, which was rare in those days.

The gameplay is close to a traditional JRPG style, but has some very unique elements such as a combo system and the addition of ‘Gears’ – giant mechs you can sometimes use to battle.

As with all Square games, the audio is fantastic and the cutscenes are gorgeous. The graphics are about the same as anything from the ps1 era.

If you want to see one of the premier rpgs from the ps1 era, and one of the best stories ever made, go and grab this off e-bay for your ps1 or off the psn for your ps3 today. There’s no reason not to play it – it’s just that good.

Happy gaming!


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