EA E3 Press Conference

The conference started with an epic demo of Mass Effect 3 that really opened on a high note. We then went to Need For Speed: The Run, which surprised everyone by including an out-of-car segment that seemed dominated by quicktime events. This demo seemed to run a bit long, forgive the pun, but looked like a pretty impressive sight. After that we moved onto The Old Republic, probably the game I wanted to see least of all. And sure the cinematic looked cool, but that’s all it was. A cinematic with tiny snippets of what were either REALLY bland cinematics or just slightly bland gameplay. Couldn’t tell which.

After that we moved on to EA Sports – who first showed the incredible looking SSX – which is a sports game I might actually play. Yes, a sports game I might actually play. Looked like a lot of fun. Then they moved on to FIFA, which I’m sure a lot of people love…. but just felt really dry to me. And way too long.  Then they went into American football, with Madden 2012. They betrayed their ‘no random celebrities’ promise by having 3 famous football players come out on stage. That was highly disappointing and completely took away from the impressive new tech they were announcing. But the tech was impressive.

We then moved onto the Sims social for facebook, which took a jab at facebook. The demo of it was really silly – I honestly think facebook takes things too far on its own without having a graphic representation of the horrendously superficial look facebook puts on life. But for people who like superficial gaming, I’m sure the sims social will be a lot of fun.

After that the pace upped by going to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. When I first heard about this, I was hoping for a solid RPG with a good story; but it’s looking like it’s going to be just another open world combat game. But at least the combat looks exciting, even if I don’t have much hope for the story since open world games are almost impossible to build a real story into.

After that we went into the title that ties Mass Effect 3 for the best looking title of the conference: Overstrike. Made by the developers of Ratchet and Clank – it looks like a shooter with the creativity of a Ratchet and Clank game. Such an incredible combination I can’t even explain how excited I am for it. And the trailer had such humour. I just hope to god it’s third person.

Last but not least, the game that wiped Modern Warfare 3 from a significant number of watchers’ minds. The game that made me wish I could stand first person games. The best looking first person shooter on the floor – Battlefield 3. The tank demo they showed was impressive, to say the least. It’s really raised the bar for first person games, and to Dice – if you’re listening – please incorporate a third person viewpoint for this. Please.



  1. Need for Speed: The Run’s out of vehicle segments just looked like glorified QTEs.
  2. The Old Republic – need I say more?
  3. FIFA looked dry
  4. After saying they weren’t going to bring random celebrities onto the stage, they did just that – brought 3 football celebrities up for Madden.
  5. Sims social is the opposite of what I want to see for gaming. The exact opposite.
  6. Amalur looked too open world to have a really good story.
  7. Battlefield 3 just first person


  1. Mass Effect 3, as always, looked incredible.
  2. Amalur’s combat looked like a lot of fun.
  3. Overstrike looked amazing, and I just desperately hope that it’s 3rd person.
  4. SSX looked like a ton of fun.
  5. Madden had some impressive tech going into it.
  6. Battlefield 3 looked so good that it joins my list of ‘games I wish were third person’.
  7. Driving segments in NFS:R looked impressive.
  8. No suscription fee for all BF3 multiplayer aspects.


Overall, I was very impressed by the conference, by the focus on games, and by the hosts as they introduced the titles. A few disappointing aspects were there, such as TOR, FIFA, the 3 football players, and the Sims Social; but overall this conference had some really impressive titles and some really solid demos shown. Good job EA. And again, PLEASE put a 3rd person aspect in BF3.

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