Freedom of Expression: 0, Customs and Immigration: 1

I don’t normally get involved in politics or law… they’re dangerous subjects to touch on afterall. But I was pointed to something by an associate of mine today that just is too much for me to not speak.


Like many gamers, I was first introduced to the medium by the old Japanese games of the 80s and 90s, and as a result of that; again like many gamers, I developed a healthy respect and love for anime and japanese art. This takes many forms, from fantastic animated series like Inuyasha and Death Note to hundreds of professional manga to fan art and other such devices.

This is leading somewhere, I promise you. Some of you may have heard of what I am here to discuss, but I imagine most of you are in the same boat as I was and were unaware of this. A tourist travelling from the United States to Canada(oh how sad it made me when I read this too) with his laptop in his luggage. With no suspicion of wrongdoing, they searched his laptop, and uncovered professional manga and fan art. Since anime characters often appear very young, the customs officers seized it and placed him in custody. Now the man is pending charges of possession and importing child pornography based off of some manga and fan art he had on his laptop.

I can’t say how unacceptable this is to me, and how sorry I am to see that it is Canadian officials perpetrating this atrocity. So I’m lending my support behind the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund(CBLDF) and spreading the word of this to hopefully get this changed. Things like this are horrible news for anyone interested in comic books, manga, or even art in general. I ask everyone to read the article below and, if you can find it in your budget, donate at least a little to help get this man the defense he needs to help prevent himself from going to jail over possession of manga.


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