Playstation store back up! (Update #2 – June 3rd)

The Playstation Store is available again on the PSN and has been updated. See for more details.

However, there are two things to note.

1) The Welcome Back offer isn’t live yet, and they’re likely waiting for #2 for it.

2) It isn’t stable. I get ‘An error has occurred.’ about half the time I try and do anything on the PSN so far. But that’s to be expected, right after it comes back up.

Update: It seems to be a lot more stable now. Most likely was just a traffic issue. Welcome back offer still not available. My prediction: They’ll add something to it as a surprise and announce it at E3 as a part of their apology.

Turns out I was wrong! As my second update – The Welcome Back offer is live! See for more details on that.

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