Sony E3 Press Conference

FIrst a look at my predictions and how they played out:

1) Apology tendered.

2) No Kevin Butler – I was wrong here, and that was definitely a disappointment.

3) PS3 exclusives were almost given too much time each.

4) Much of the content was in 3d, a new 3d television and glasses were announced; and several move titles were announced.

5) Both true, ICO dated and at least one of the PSP remaster collections has been announced for NA.

6) PSP was mentioned leading into the NGP, now the PS Vita, with a very respectable pricepoint.

7) Well I’m relieved that I was wrong on this count.


The Sony conference started with a very sincere and solid apology from one of the most sincere faces in the game industry, Jack Tretton. It then lead into a very long demo of Uncharted 3, which don’t get me wrong, looked incredible; but was so long that it stopped being just a teaser. After that we got a few more teasers of games, like Resistance 3, NBA’s move feature, and a new game Medievil Moves: Deadmund’s Quest; which looked a little dry. Then they showed inFamous 2, which really wasn’t necessary, since the game was only a day away when the conference occured. Then they showed LBP2’s move support, and after that went into what is probably the game I’m most interested in that they showed here today: Starhawk. Like, GRFS; Starhawk proves that first person isn’t the only perspective that shooters can work in. And it’s a nice relief. The game teasers continued with a new Sly game, Dust, Bioshock Infinite(which, to everyone’s huge surprise, was announced to include Move support – but still no third person), a new Star Trek game, and others.

In there was also a really cool new 3d tv with very unique 2-player support and a new cheaper pair of 3d glasses. All accessably priced, and hopefully will make 3d a more achievable goal.

After that we went into the biggest reveal – the Playstation Vita. Of course, the first announcement after the name was the really controversial announcement of AT&T as the exclusive carrier of the 3G model – which lead to actual boos from the audience. However, the tech itself on the Vita is truly impressive. And the software looks fantastic, with Ruin being my highlight of it. One of the biggest announcements for the Vita is that it is going to be, in a lot of cases, cross-compatable with the PS3. And again we got an awesome looking, but overlong, demo of Uncharted on the PSV. But some of the other demos looked fantastic too, especially the inclusive creation mechanics for Modnation Racers. And, of course, we got a montage of short teasers of all sorts of PSV titles in development. Finally, to close the night, the big shocker – the Vita is basically the same price as the 3ds! Only 249 for the Wifi model, and only 299 for the 3g/wifi model. Almost nobody was expecting that, and we were all pleased.


  1. The conference ran slightly too long – individual demos were a bit lengthy, especially uncharted ones
  2. Medievil moves looks a little bland to be a full game
  3. There was no reason to show inFamous as it’s out this week(already out by the time I post this – review fairly soon)
  4. Once again, too much First Person exclusive content
  5. PSV exclusive to ATT? Bad idea!
  6. Why was there no Kevin Butler? He’s always a blast.


  1. Uncharted, in both forms, looks absolutely incredible
  2. Jack Tretton’s apology was brief and sincere, and started with an appropriate joke.
  3. Move control for NBA2k is intriguing.
  4. Starhawk looks absolutely incredible.
  5. New Sly Cooper game!
  6. Dust is intriguing, and impressive.
  7. Bioshock for Move is a huge surprise that nobody really saw coming.
  8. Star Trek game looked promising, which was a surprise.
  9. Playstation Suite looked like a cool way to provide an introduction to gaming for non-gamers in a similar way to what the Wii did.
  10. Playstation Vita looked stunning, had absolutely unbelievable support from third party developers, and some incredible features – like cross-game chat!
  11. Ruin looked really cool.
  12. PSV pricepoint was awesome.


Overall, I felt that the Sony conference was really well done; with a good, fluid layout and the apology was probably the best they could’ve done. It did run a bit long, and some of the demos felt the same. But the focus on good, solid gaming experiences really made this conference feel a lot more relevent; without neglecting any group of gamers, with several more accessible experiences alongside the incredible lineup of hardcore games. The conference had some really positive surprises, and the PSV definitely stole the show with it’s solid tech and pricepoint. Here’s to hoping that lineup of games includes a few good solid titles for launch!

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