Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

Ubisoft’s was the third press conference of the Monday show. Unlike last year, this year they focused more on their history and their game lineup – good decision.

The conference opened up strong with the new ‘Rayman Origins’ game – with clean, crisp visuals, great music including an homage piece to Tetris. After that they led into demos of several other games including Far Cry 3, Ghost REcon Future Soldier, and Assassin’s Creed Revelations. They used a platform of ‘gaming is’ to tie their conference together, and it definitely worked. And tying things together with ’20 year ago’ versions of all their games was certainly a good idea to generate some laughter.

They also showed a number of more non-core titles like their new just dance game as well as the new Rabbids game that looked like a fun party game for Kinect.

And Rocksmith is definitely a major move forward. The ability to actually learn Guitar is a huge thing, and an impressive accomplishment.

The new Your Shape video looked cool, but I will be completely honest here, I am sick of seeing just people who are ALREADY completely fit playing these fitness games. I would much rather see people who actually could benefit from the fitness game using it.


  1. A lot of first person only content, which is disappointing because they obviously know how to make a third person shooter.
  2. Accents of presenters made it hard ot understand.
  3. Mr Caffeine was a little annoying – okay, more than a little. Completely obnoxious really says it better.
  4. Driver looked kind of underwhelming.
  5. Your Shape starred just people who were already completely fit, which is annoying.
  6. No footage of GRFS solo, which is how a lot of people will be playing it and it would be nice to know how it works then.


  1. GRFS looks incredible, and offers third person shooter gameplay – something that is rare in this day and age.
  2. New Rayman game looks challenging and fun.
  3. Focus not on gimmicks, but rather on games – nice change from last year.
  4. Brother in Arms trailer was comical and really cool.
  5. Assassins Creed Revelations had fire. Really, how can you go wrong with assassins and fire?
  6. Theme of ‘Gaming is’ definitely resonated.
  7. Trackmania looked quite cool.
  8. Guitarsmith is an awesome idea.
  9. Just Dance looked more impressive than the other dance games shown at e3.
  10. Rabbids looked fun, which was an impressive accomplishment since almost nothing for Kinect ever looks fun.


Overall, the Ubisoft conference was well-crafted, but the presenters and hosts really detracted from it, rather than adding to it, which was sad. But the focus on games definitely

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