Classic Recommendation – Chrono Trigger (SNES, PS1, DS, Wii-VC, PSN(soon))

If you’ve ever wondered who did time travel right first? Well, like most rpg things… Square was the first to perfect time travel as well. Often touted as one of the best rpgs ever made, Chrono Trigger is a marvel of design – considering how little space developers had on those cartridges back in the day.

The game follows Chrono and a motley group of people he encounters as they are thrown into an adventure that turns into an epic chance to save the world from imminent destruction – years in the future. The game follows multiple time periods, with changes made in earlier time periods echoing down the ages and modifying the world in the later eras(for example, assisting in clearing out the monsters from a castle so that it can be rebuilt results in later eras having that place fully rebuilt for you to visit).

Not only that, but the game features many endings – 13 to be precise – some of which can only be accomplished if you play the new game plus feature after finishing it once. The game plays much like many of the old style jrpgs, with some unique combat concepts such as combo attacks.

The story is very good – among the best out there. There really is no reason not to play this if you have any interest in classic jrpgs or in seeing the origins of many of today’s gaming concepts.

One little caveat – if you are playing this for the first time now – like I was last year, having missed out on it in the SNES days myself, you probably won’t have the same level of appreciation for it that people did back in those days. But that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it, it’s still fantastic, but you may have a hard time understanding why people speak of it with such a glow – and the reality of it is that we’ve seen all of these gaming concepts – so they’re not new to us anymore. But for someone playing this back in the mid-90s when it first came out… imagine how amazing that must’ve been? Yep, that’s why they speak of it with such a glow.

The PSN version is expected out later this year, but you can find it on the DS or your virtual console for your Wii today. Get out there and enjoy classic JRPG gaming!


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