Currently Playing – July

As the summer lull begins… hopefully I’ll be able to get some time to visit some older games I missed when they first came out. Uncharted, I’m looking at you!

But for the moment, what I’m playing:

Record of Agarest War Zero – I’ve missed strategy rpgs. This game is a much more complex take on the genre, but I’m enjoying myself thus far.

Dungeon Siege 3 – Have this one, but haven’t started playing it quite yet.

Dead Nation – So glad I got this little gem, thank you Sony for your Welcome Back package including this one.

Super Stardust HD – Still playing this shooter during moments of downtime between major titles.

Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – Such a long long PSP game, but I do love my Final Fantasy 4, so I’m taking my time with this one to savour the experience! :)

Written By: Sean

  • porkbun_

    How is your Record of Agarest War Zero coming?

  • I actually finished my first playthrough and started on my ex playthrough. My Impressions post will be up tomorrow. Just doing some final proofreading on it and will post it during the day tomorrow :)