Classic Recommendation – Super Metroid (SNES, Wii VC)

Now we get to what may well be my favourite game of all time. Ever. Super Metroid, originally released for the Super Nintendo back in the mid 90’s, was actually not very well received in Japan, selling quite poorly; but American and European audiences loved it. It has been declared to be among the top 10 games of all time on many lists, but to me it is #1.

The game made near-perfect use of the resources available on the SNES, with a gripping soundtrack, incredible action, a metric ton of secrets, and even some really challenging tactics that could be used to overcome certain restrictions to access secrets early or to perform speedruns which were, back in the day, quite competetive.

If you’ve ever played a game where you had a semi-open ‘world’ but couldn’t access places until you got the right weapons, powers, or abilities – chances are that game took inspiration from Super Metroid.

The game remains one of the quintessential action platformers of all time, and it is a game whose incredible design even to this day holds up as one of the best, if not the best, in gaming history. If you have any interest in action platformers, wipe the dust off your Wii(yes I know, there’s probably quite a bit!), pull out your classic controller and go buy Super Metroid – you won’t regret it.


Writtern by: Sean

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