Muses – Importance of Accuracy in Trailers

I’m just going to do a bit of a rant-ish muses segment here.

We all watch previews, trailers, etc. It’s how we get to know what a game will be like to know if we want to shell out our hard earned money on it.

When we watch a trailer, we’re looking to see if it has all the things we like, art direciton, gameplay style, perspective, etc. Prettymuch everything other than the story is told to us through that trailer – not enough so that we don’t want to play the game, but rather that it makes us excited for it.

This is why it is so important for early footage to be accurate and indicative. If I watch a trailer and it looks like something perfect for me, and I get the game and it’s completely different – that makes me quite angry.

What has prompted this, you ask?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I watched all of the E3 footage I could get my hands on, all of the gameplay videos, previews on other sites, etc. Nowhere did anyone say that the game didn’t give you the option to choose your perspective. Essentially, for those wondering, unlike what the footage shows it is not a game that gives you the option to play in either First or Third Person. It is a First Person game that zooms out when you go behind cover. Nowhere did they say this, and nowhere did anyone even hint at it during any of the previews. It just looked like the option was there for both.

So this is why I will not be reviewing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and why I am extremely bitter currently. Wasting money is not something I relish, especially when it is as a result of misleading footage and trailers. As soon as I figure out what I want to preorder, I’ll be trading my copy of Deus Ex in to get something palatable in exchange.


Written by: Sean

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