Classic Recommendation – Nanobreaker (PS2)

Nanobreaker was an action hack and slash for the PS2 – and a very obscure one, for good reason. It is not a good game. In fact, it is probably the worst game I will ever recommend to anyone. It is a terrible game – but the thing is… sometimes bad games are fun. And this is one of those cases… the story is poorly written, the gameplay is largely derivative, the enemies are moderately creative at best, the characters are shallow… but the fact that your experience is measured in gallons of blood that you’ve spilt pretty much says it all.

The game’s basic premise is that an island was set up with all of the world’s foremost experts in nanotechnology as well as volunteers to try to solve all of the world’s problems through nanotechnology(see what I mean?) but something went wrong and the nanomachines started turning people into monsters. So they pull this cyborg war criminal named Jake out of prison and offer him a chance at freedom if he stops this from happening. You play as Jake.

Ya… not much of a story… but the fun comes from the incredibly over the top combos you can pull off in the game combined with the fact that in the options you can change the colour of the blood splatter allowing you to, if you choose, create rainbow patterns all over the walls as you slaughter. Sounds corny? It is. Really really corny.


And that is why I say this is the worst game I’ll ever recommend… I cannot find anything specific that is really worthy of praise about this game, but I do remember having a ton of fun with it – and I think anyone who is able to shut their brain off while playing this little ‘gem’ may have fun with it as well. If you can find it anywhere…


Written by: Sean

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