Blizzcon 2011 Day 1 Highlights

Time to touch on my top five highlights of Blizzcon Day 1, now that it’s over!

#5 – The ‘Testimonial Reel’ during the Diablo 3 gameplay panel demonstrating the game’s challenge at the higher difficulty levels. Not only was it awesome to hear, but it was also awesome to see the video footage of them dying so quickly.

#4 – During the contests, one of the winning videos was a Cloverfield-style shaky-cam video of a zerg invasion of a city – which was so awesome and epic. Well done!

#3 – World of Pokebattle. World of Warcraft is getting a turn based sub-game involving companion pets that you can level up to get new abilities. Basically: It’s Pokemon in WoW. And that is awesome.

#2 – Blizzard showed two Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm trailers – one for the expansion itself, and then one for the new game type: Blizzard DotA. And this trailer had such a tongue in cheek tone but was so awesome looking that it makes our #2 option.

And now we go onto our final entry… our #1… and it can be described with only one word:


Yes, Pandaria has finally entered into World of Warcraft with the Pandaren race and their monk class entering both factions. A truly awesome announcement.


Written by: Sean

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