Blizzcon 2011 Day 2 Highlights

Blizzcon Day 2 is prettymuch over – with just the Closing Concert to go. Since I’m not a Foo Fighters fan, that won’t be a highlight for me so it’s time to discuss my Day 2 Top 5 Highlights.

So let’s start with the Day 2 Top 5 – as a preface, with all the BIG reveals being yesterday, the highlights are a bit deeper to find but still a lot of awesome stuff.

#5 – Watching Metzen just geek out during the Lore Q & A was such an experience. That guy is one of two people who would make me starstruck in the entire world, so it always is just so awesome to see him just go on about Lore. Particularly the concept of the ‘Trials of the King’ quest for Varian. Awesome.

#4 – Watching the development of the Diablo 3 cinematic was such a cool behind the scenes thing to see.

#3 – The Diablo Lore panel discussing the Angiris Council was, even though not entirely new, really really cool. I loved seeing them actually have a personality and getting info.

#2 – Starcraft II Grand Finals – MVP won an unbelievable match against Nestea – and both of them played amazing, and the final game between them was one of the best, if not the best, match of Starcraft II I’ve ever seen.

#1 – Announcement and discussion of the new Starcraft II map/cinematic/art editing tools were amazing. I can’t wait to see what comes out of these tools when the creative people of the Blizzard RTS community get their hands on it.


Written by: Sean

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