Currently Playing – October

Well it’s that time again – the middle of the month. Time to take a look at the games currently eating up my days – and doing a good job of it they are, seeing as I’m delayed by two full days making this article by them!

Might and Magic: Heroes 6 – Man this game is looooooooooong. But fun. I can’t wait to actually finish my first campaign – first of several. Oh and if you’re not interested in a real challenge, avoid hard mode – the game punishes you for picking hard.  Nice to see a hard ‘hard’ difficulty ;)

Dark Souls – Another punishingly difficult game, making good progress on it though and enjoying it thoroughly. Still got a ways to go I’m sure though, but I’m working my way through it slowly but surely!

Ico – Bought the Ico/SotC HD remaster collection, started on Ico – which, by the way I missed in it’s first release, so it’s all new to me. Definitely a very unique game.

Diablo 3 Beta – Still sinking some of my time in here as well, but not as much as when it first came out since there really isn’t that much content.

Eufloria – This PSN title is fantastic and I try to find some time here and there for it.

White Knight Chronicles 2 – I’m finished the game, but I am hoping I can squeeze in some time to play some more.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten – With so much to play, this has unfortunately been put on the backburner, but still am hoping to finish it.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection – Still working my way through this, bit by bit – but I’m getting close to the end now!


Written by: Sean

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