Eufloria (PS3 – PSN)

Eufloria is a simplified real time strategy game made by Omni Systems and available on the Playstation Network for the PS3 as part of Sony’s ‘Only on PSN’ program starting this month. Cliffnotes version: Holy crap this is fun and addictive.

The premise is that you’re this species of plants trying to colonize these asteroids and you come across these other plant colonies who try to attack you as well as these grey diseased plants that just want to kill everyone. Weird, eh? But it works. The game’s graphics are sort of ethereal and very much adhere to the KISS rule – simple, yet beautiful. Much like Flow or Flower, the game proves that you don’t need realism or huge graphic budgets to make a beautiful game.

The gameplay is very simplistic in control, but all of the controls work very well and the simplicity makes the game very accessible and truly a joy to play. Since the controls are a bit limited, you’re largely at the mercy of the game’s AI to do what it feels you wanted it to. For the most part, this isn’t a bad thing, the AI is generally pretty good at figuring that out. There are a few AI oddities that may get a bit annoying, but overall it’s not a big deal.

As you move through the game you’ll unlock new levels of strategy, as in any RTS, that really make for a truly unique experience, and it is really one of the few RTS to work well on a console that I’ve ever seen. Sure we’ve seen good tower defenses, or turn based games… but an RTS has always been a tough nut to do on a console. But by making most of the production automated and allowing you to focus just on the strategy, and by simplifying the controls a lot; they’ve managed to make it work.

Far be it from me to tell anyone what to play, but I will say that not only does this game offer relaxation and excitement at the same time, but it makes it incredibly addictive with simple, fun controls and charmingly simple graphics with a peaceful soundtrack. If that doesn’t make you want it, then maybe the fact that it’s only 8 bucks on the PSN if you have Playstation Plus will. Anyways, I am having a ton of fun with this one – it’s both a lot more, and a lot less than I expected; and in both cases that’s a good thing. Now back to playing some more Eufloria for me!


Written by: Sean

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