Picks of the Week – October 24

Since this is the first of my ‘picks of the week’ articles, I’d like to give a brief explanation – although it is pretty self-explanatory. Each week I’ll be posting a list of suggestions for books, music, games, and sometimes movies(only sometimes – I don’t watch a lot of movies ;)) with an explanation of what I like so much of it. So without further ado, here begins Monday, October 24th’s edition of ‘Picks of the Week’.

Book – Starcraft: The Dark Templar Saga by Christie Golden

Finally able to get my hands on the third book of this trilogy – and I’m absolutely loving it. The entire series has been amazing, but the real star is the fact that you really really get to KNOW the Protoss in this series. You get a hint of it in the SC1 campaign, and in some of the other books – but this is the first time you really get to know them from the inside, so to speak. And I’m hooked, they have such a rich culture. I’ve always been fascinated by them, they were so… alien and unique in the original Starcraft; but getting to know them from the minds of many of their heroes and the perspective of the bumbling archaeologist Jacob Ramsey is just too fascinating to resist.

Music – Weird Al Yankovic – Ebay

Weird Al is one of the most creative musicians I’ve ever listened to, and I’ve been on a huge kick of his music lately. E-bay is such a hilarious song, and such an accurate take on the role E-Bay plays in the lives of so many people nowadays. And it’s just an awesome parody overall.

Game – Might and Magic: Heroes 6

Sure the game has some bugs right now, but I’m having so much fun with it – and it has a ton of value for the pricetag. Despite playing several hours per day I don’t think I’m even halfway through its campaigns. Truly a phenominal value, and the game is very well designed making me able to ignore the various crashes and bugs I’ve been subjected to. It even has a pretty solid story, which isn’t always the case in strategy games.


Written by: Sean

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