Sony’s “Only on PSN” Plants Seeds for Success

Sony started their Only on PSN program this week, highlighting some of the best PSN exclusive titles as well as introducing some new ones and starting their ‘PS2 Classics’ lineup. To start things off we have Eufloria, a plant-based simplistic real time strategy game – and it is definitely a worthy title to start off with. Adding to that we have PS2 classics like Odinsphere – and hopefully more ps2 classics to come, since we’ve been asking for them for a long time.

I have to say, if things keep up the way they’ve started – this month could turn out to be a month to remember for the PSN.

Also worth noting is that Playstation Plus members get a 20% discount on all Only on PSN titles for the first week they’re out(so far not including the PS2 classics – which is worth noting and a little disappointing). But overall, the program definitely has planted the right seeds, and if given the chance to grow could impress us all.


Written by: Sean

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