The Gamer’s Theme – Powerglove

Today on the Gamer’s Theme we’re discussing another metal video game cover band – this one a little bit less focused. Whereas the Black Mages were, for very good reason, focused on Final Fantasy and to a lesser extent other titles Uematsu had created himself – this metal band divides their attention among all aspects of gaming. The first track of theirs I ever heard was the Tetris theme – and who doesn’t love the Tetris theme?

That’s right, today we’re talking about Powerglove – an American power metal band who have been active for the past 6 years and were recently signed by E1 Music. Their website can be found at and a youtube link for one of their songs – the Tetris theme – can be found here: .

Their songs range from Batman to Transformers and Tetris… and even some Final Fantasy as well! If you like metal, and I know a large portion of gamers do, they will quite likely offer something awesome for you to appeal! Oh and they sell t-shirts too… and t-shirts are awesome!

So go take a look at their website, or youtube, and enjoy the world of video game cover music!


Written by: Sean

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