Timewaster for the Weekend – Eufloria

So, time for our first weekly Timewaster for the Weekend. The Timewaster for the Weekend is a new series of weekly articles happening each Friday that will spotlight downloadable games, mods, maps, game modes, flash games or other smaller games or gaming services that offer an addictive experience that you could easily find yourself sinking your entire weekend into. Our first such is Eufloria.

Eufloria was originally released on Windows through Direct2Drive, and has recently been remade and updated for the PSN coming out earlier this month. It is a simple real time strategy game where you take over asteroids using seedlings which you then use to make more seedlings. Seedlings have different stats depending upon the asteroid they’re grown on, and you can plant trees to generate more seedlings or to provide defense. The entire thing has a truly unique sort of ethereal vibe to it, with very clean colours, highly stylized graphics and a rather vibrant ambient soundtrack in the background.

Overall it’s a very good example of a game being quite simple, yet also being very deep. The simplicity of the controls and basic theme make the game easy to get into, but then the depth of the game as you get into it will hook you before you realize it. The game even includes a full campaign complete with a simple, yet intriguing storyline that would probably take your entire weekend just to get through, and trust me – if you start, you’ll want to get through the entire thing. And best of all, it will bring you relaxation and peace – yep, a strategy game that will have you thinking, be fun, AND bring you peace. Never thought you’d see the day, right?

Whether you’re playing it on your PC, or getting it through your PS3 – Eufloria is a fun, simple strategy experience¬†that will eat up the hours; so if you’ve got the time I strongly recommend picking up this value-packed downloadable title. For those without either of the above platforms, rumour has it it will be coming to Apple devices sometime soon but I haven’t been able to drudge up a specific date.


Written by: Sean

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