Currently Playing – November 2011

Middle of the month, time to talk about what’s on my plate right now as far as gaming goes! This month I’ve got a little bit less going on in terms of quantity, but that’s just because what I’m playing is just too huge to find time for more!

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection – Handheld gaming is something I squeeze a bit of time here and there for, and I’m still slowly making my way through the After Years – slowly, but still having fun with it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Right now this one is still eating up the bulk of my time – huge game, lots of fun – not perfect, but absolutely a lot of fun.

Rayman Origins – Can’t wait to pick up my copy of that tomorrow – my today was way too busy but I’m gonna be taking a bit of time away from Skyrim for that one! Platformers for the win!

Starcraft 2 – Will probably never grow tired of this… it’s just too well-made.

League of Legends – After about a year hiatus I’ve started playing League of Legends again this week – enjoying it a ton.


Written by: Sean

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