End Year Awards – categories wanted!

Hello fellow gamers, it’s time for the end of the year and TGR-Net’s first ‘end of the year awards’ articles. We’ll be doing a series of awards posts broken by theme, and we want to know what you’d categories you’d like to see. To give an idea of the structure, we’re going to be doing posts with the nominees – 3 in each category – ahead of time, with brief descriptions. Then during the week between Christmas and New Years we’ll post our actual awards articles.


What we’re looking for right now are ideas for categories. Have you ever read a ‘best of the year’ article and wish they’d had x category, or did you watch some show and they had the most interesting category that you’d like our opinion on? Post ’em in the comments below! If we can think of 3 games that fit the bill, we’ll talk about it!


Written by: Sean

  • psykh

    I’d like to see a “Kids game that adults secretly love” category. Not that I love any kid’s games…

  • Unfortunately, I can’t think of enough titles this year that I played that would fit that to really make a fair category. Good idea though, I’ll keep it in mnid for future years where it might just be possible!