Picks of the Week – November 28, 2011 edition

Let’s get right into this shall we? It’s time to unveil our November 28 picks of the week!

Game – Catherine (PS3/Xbox 360)

Catherine came out during the summer lull, and it’s sultry, seductive plot, high-paced and intriguing puzzles, and interesting moral plot earned it high praise from us. And the existence of multiple story paths, a ‘perfect ending’ option, as well as a multiplayer competetive option give this game an air of replayability. If you love Japanese style writing and high-paced puzzles, you should be very sorry you missed this title when it first came out – but lucky you! It’s not too late! You can go get it now and enjoy it’s truly unique and fun style.

Book – Warcraft: Lord of the Clans (Christie Golden)

Whether you like World of Warcraft or not, the world of Azeroth has a deep and rich history and lore. Lord of the Clans is just one of many fine examples of this, detailing the story of how Thrall came to be the Warchief of the Orc Horde. This book tells a story full of action and heart, giving a lot of insight into the culture of these savage yet noble people – and is my personal favourite book among Warcraft canon. I strongly recommend this to any fantasy fan, even those who may not be huge fans of Warcraft – for it truly is just that well written.

Song – Fade Away – The Black Heart Procession

This was the ending theme from inFamous 2, and listening to it still brings tears to my eyes. It is a deep, moving ballad with a slow pace to allow you to truly appreciate every aspect of the song, from it’s slow flowing rhythm, the deep baritone of the singer and the melancholy tone to the lyrics. If you haven’t played the game to the end, I strongly recommend doing so for many reasons – but not least among them is to get the truly moving experience of hearing this fantastic song with the context of the game behind it. And if you have played the game and don’t have this song purchased already – shame on you! Get on that now!


Written by: Sean

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