Picks of the Week – November 7

Well it’s Monday, and do you know what that means? Yep it’s time for me to give you my recommendations for what you should be spending your time on this week – since, ya know, the biggest title of the week isn’t until the end of the week after all – gotta fill the time until then somehow!

Book – Furies of Calderon – Jim Butcher

The Furies of Calderon introduces us to the land of Alera, a truly fascinating world that seems to be settled by the descendants of a lost roman Legion. The world is full of unique cultures, from the tribal Marat to the Militaristic Alerans and the ferocious Canim. And it’s also full of magical beings known as ‘Furies’ who lend the Alerans the ability to control the elements and borrow strength from their best characteristics. And amid all of this, as all hell breaks out with civil war on the verge and an invasion of a neighboring people comes Tavi – the only Aleran anyone can think of who has no control over any furies, the nephew of some herders in a remote valley. Full of intrigue, fascinating characters, and truly unique magical inspirationĀ – the Codex Alera’s first book is a worthy introduction to an incredible fantasy world.

Game – Record of Agarest War Zero – PS3/360

If you like Strategy RPGs and a level of detail and planning that would do a rocket scientist proud – Agarest War Zero will fill the voids in your gaming lineup for probably the next year. The game itself is a prequel story taking place in the distant past from the original Agarest War. The original Agarest War is also included in a shortened version called ‘Digest mode’. The game’s story is interesting, and as hard as it is to find good JRPGs nowadays – I was thrilled to find this not-so-little hidden gem.

Song – Dearest – Ayumi Hamasaki (Inuyasha Soundtrack)

Anyone who knows Japanese music probably has already heard this song, and most likely loves it. Dearest is an ethereal, haunting sounding song that was featured as the end theme of Inuyasha for several episodes, and can be found online on several websites. If you’ve never listened to Japanese music, this is a great place to start – and if you like Japanese music and have never heard this song, what are you waiting for? Go find it!


Written by: Sean

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