TGR-Net Top 5 – Playstation 3 Exclusives

Happy Birthday Playstation 3, you turned 5 years old last week. So now it’s time for us to take a look at the best things that you, as a console, have delivered to us in our TGR-Net Top 5 PS3 Exclusives list!

5 – Flower

Flower is a peaceful, beautiful, magical little downloadable title that one cannot help but fall in love with when playing. The sixaxis movement of the flower petals to restore life and beauty to the landscapes is just such a charming concept. And it is one of the most beautiful games to ever be made – taking advantage of the graphics quality that the ps3 is capable of and making a simple little game of life, renewal and relaxation.

4 – PixelJunk

PixelJunk is another downloadable entry to this list – and there have been several pixeljunk games – most of which have been ps3 exclusive. One of them has made the transition to the PSP and soon to Facebook, but Pixeljunk still lives on through SideScroller, Shooter, and others as a PS3 exclusive name. If you look at a game and it says Pixeljunk, you’re looking at a quality title. There aren’t many things we can say that about. But every single Pixeljunk game is a shining example of the quality that can be found on the PSN.

3 – inFamous

Cole MacGrath has become a well-known name in gaming despite only being in two games – 3 if you count his upcoming cameo in the ps3 version of Street Fighter x Tekken. But inFamous 1 and 2 have been among the best sandbox superhero games ever made and make this list for their phenomenal gameplay, story, and music. If you like superheroes and haven’t taken advantage of this ps3 exclusive series, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

2 – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

MGS4 came out as probably the first successful exclusive on the ps3 – and it really showcased what it was capable of. The game was beautiful, the gameplay smooth, and the story was beyond deep – if a bit convoluted. Being the first great exclusive for the console, it’s certainly worthy of this #2 spot on the PS3 exclusive list. And to add to that, it even came with a pretty robust multiplayer – proving that third person shooters can work for multiplayer, even if it never became one of the ‘big ones’.

1 – Uncharted

Uncharted presents to us Nathan Drake, our generation’s Indiana Jones. Naughty Dog has presented to us an amazing¬†series of action games that really do a good job of showing us that video games can tell us a cinematic story and still have great gameplay. From the first through the third, the games have just kept getting better as they implemented new mechanics, perfected the gameplay, and added more and more deep stories. This is probably the single biggest reason to own a PS3, even barring all of the other great reasons – these games, Uncharted 1 through 3, give you some of the best gaming experiences you can find anywhere.


Written by: Sean

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