Timewaster for the Weekend – Gem Tower Defense(SC2 and WC3 map)

If you’re looking to pass time – there’s little you can find that will do a better job of it than tower defenses – of any sort, really. But today we highlight one that does things just a little differently.

So originally on Warcraft 3 and remade for Starcraft 2 is a little map called ‘Gem TD’. It’s a tower defense that adds a pretty hefty element of randomness to it to make things interesting. For those who don’t know what tower defenses are they’re maps where you have to build towers to stop things from getting from their spawn point to the end. These come in two general varieties – maze tds and non-maze tds. Maze tower defenses are ones where you have to build mazes in order to ensure the enemies have the longest path possible to get from the spawn to the end. Gem TD falls into this category, but with a random twist. You get to build 5 completely random towers per wave of enemies, and only select one of them – the rest turn into walls for your maze. There’s a whole lot more to it, including special towers, combinations, different difficulty levels, slates in the wc3 version and zones in the sc2 version, etc. But that’s the basic premise – and I assure you, it’s very addictive. Very very addictive. And with games lasting up to 2 and a half hours in some cases, you can be certain that you’ll have your afternoon – or possibly your entire weekend – gone before you know it!


Written by: Sean

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