TimeWaster For the Weekend – League of Legends

This weekend’s Timewaster will be a bit of an older game – but one that is still regularly receiving updates, and best of all – it’s free!

League of Legends takes the formula started with the Aeon of Strife maps for Warcraft 3, and popularized by the infamous DotA All-Stars, and takes it to it’s own game – tailored from the ground up for this. To make money off this massive project, they use micro-transactions – but only cosmetic things are exclusively for money. So you can play the game completely – and not miss out on any aspect of the game – for free.

For any not familiar, the game puts you in control of a hero, or champion, during an all out war between two factions. You have to use your champion to turn the tide of battle, along with 2-4 allied champions. The opposing faction; however, also has the same number of champions and thus the battle is equal. Each side’s champions have to fight each other and the opposing army to try to determine which side will win. The formula takes an strategy game’s massive battles and adds a more focused touch to it, allowing for some very interesting strategic gameplay.

The constant support provided by Riot Games has ensured that there’s never a lack of champions to try, and they offer a rotation of free champions for people to experiment with to find the one they like. Other champions have to be unlocked using points earned when you play the game, leading to a constant goal system that keeps many addicted. You can even decide to play against computer controlled opponents if you’re looking for a less competitive environment to learn the game in.

This PC game will certainly not only fill your weekend, but possibly even the week to follow! Enjoy!


Written by: Sean

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