TimeWaster for the Weekend – Sugar Sugar (Flash Game)

If I told you to go to http://www.engineering.com/ and promised you you’d be getting good entertainment out of it, you’d be sure I was lying to you, right?

Well I wouldn’t. On that site, there’s a little ‘games’ category with a small selection of flash based games for anyone to play. One of them is called ‘Sugar Sugar’ and it’s an addictive little puzzle game that is easy at first, but can get quite ridiculous in its later stages. The premise is that granules of sugar fall from one specific spot and you have to use lines drawn by your mouse to direct them into teacups. Sounds easy, right? They throw a few very interesting twists such as gravity reversal and colour changing into the mix just to make it more interesting.

Don’t believe me? Go to http://www.engineering.com/content/games/sugarsugar.html and give it a try. I promise you, if you’re looking for a thinking man’s puzzle game that will keep surprising you, you’ll find it there. Also, there’re a few other interesting games there as well – if you’re looking for a fun flash tower defense, Cursed Treasure and its pseudo-expansion will certainly delight you and occupy you for the next few days at least!

Ah the joys of flash… what would we do without it?


Written by: Sean

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