Timewaster for the Weekend – Super Stardust HD

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Time for us to give you another piece of advice on an easy way you can lose track of the hours of the coming weekend – a long weekend no less!

Not that I expect many people will be needing any help finding something to do THIS weekend… but I wanted to touch on a little game that’s eaten up many of my hours: Super Stardust HD. It’s not an unknown title by any means – but it is a truly enjoyable one. It came out for the PSN years ago and a modified version for the PSP came out shortly after. And, this past Summer it was a part of the PSN ‘sorry we f***e….’ err ‘Welcome Back’ package Sony gave us.

Super Stardust HD is basically a varient on the oooold Asteroids idea. You are a little ship, and you have to shoot rocks and other stuff and move around to dodge it. Sounds simple, but when you add in different types of weapons, enemies that do all sorts of weird things, bombs, and all sorts of fancy powerups – and you have a thrilling high-paced action-packed top-down shooter. I figured that was enough hyphenated phrases for one sentence!

But on topic, the soundtrack and the visuals really help to enhance the feeling and pacing of the game – leading to an incredibly easy way to lose yourself in the thrill of blasting asteroids. A global persistent leaderboard also helps to build a bit of drama into the game. No story to be found here – but it really doesn’t matter, it’s just fun blasting asteroids. And making awesome patterns by spinning the gold melter – trust me, try it sometime!


Written by: Sean

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