Classic Recommendations – Final Fantasy VI (SNES, PS1, PSN)

It’s time for us to recommend another gem that’s been buried for far too long here on TGR-Net.

Final Fantasy VI – known initially in North America as Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES – is one of the most renowned RPGs of all time, combining an incredible story with a huge variety of playable characters, a really dynamic and fun magic system, and a ton of side-objectives that you can do to make your life just a little bit easier. One of the largest games on the SNES, it was later re-released on the PS1 as a part of ‘Final Fantasy Anthologies’ and has now, just this week, been released for the Playstation Network – allowing you to play this fine game on either your PS3 or, even more ideal in my eyes, your PSP and soon your PSVita.

The game follows a young woman with amnesia whose innate powers with magic – something just not seen in humans – has caused her to become a valuable commodity. The tyrannical Empire wants to use her as a weapon while the freedom fighting returners want her to help them fend off the Empire so that they can continue their way of life as is. The story unfolds in ways nobody could’ve predicted until the climactic end of the first half of the game, which turns everything upside down. For anyone who hasn’t played this, I shan’t spoil it – but suffice it to say that the story will not only keep you enthralled for the entire game, but will also keep you guessing.

If you don’t already have this, I strongly recommend you go to the PSN and spend your 10 bucks on getting this classic JRPG so you can live the magic of one of the best stories in gaming history.


Written by: Sean

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