Gift Ideas – Obscure, but awesome games!

So, we all know what games won the game of the year from the big websites, the big games at the VGA’s, etc. But those aren’t the games you’re likely to get a gamer because chances are they’ve already got them, right?

For the PC Gamer –

Anno 2070 – We have a slow-paced rts game here, one that has been receiving very positive reviews for the most part. If you have a pc gamer in your life who doesn’t already have this game and has any interest in strategy games… this is a good one and one they probably haven’t heard of so its a safe gift!

Might and Magic: Heroes 6 – This one shouldn’t have been obscure, since it’s a pretty good sized game with a big series behind it… but it just sort of disappeared. So… here’s another one that he might be lacking. Now this is a turn based strategy game, so only get it for the patient gamer, because you can and will spend 6-8 hours completing a single map – sometimes longer. But it’s well worth the money.

For the Console Gamer –

Catherine – This is an incredibly addictive and challenging puzzle game with a relationship sim element to it. This game came during the summer lull and captivated my attention for a good while, but all too many people were unaware of it.

Rayman: Origins – Rayman Origins is an absolutely incredible, almost universally critically acclaimed, and joyous platformer. It’s only flaw? It came out in at the same time as the dozen major blockbusters that hit this fall. All too few people enjoyed this game, but you can do your part by buying it for the console gamer in your life!

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron – This pseudo-religious inspired action game pits you up against the twisted minds of some angels who have turned from God and enslaved humanity. Containing levels that range from Tron-style futuristic to aquatic fantasy… you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. And the game truly does never cease to amaze.

For the Handheld Gamer –

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – Sandwiched between Dissidia, Final Fantasy 4, Gods Eater Burst, and the 3rd Birthday, this little gem of an rpg got overlooked by many – myself included. But having found the time to start playing it, it has absolutely charmed me and I can’t wait for my upcoming vacation to give me lots of time to play it.


Written by: Sean

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