Most Anticipated of 2012 – Diablo 3

I’d like to apologize for the brief delay in these articles, but we’ve had some connection problems and I’ve been feeling a bit sick but now I’m finally able to get some writing done and as such I intend to!

Onto the article… if you were to ask me to pick one game that is the one I am the most looking forward to, it would be without question Diablo 3.

I cannot count the number of hours I put into Diablo 2 back nearly a decade ago, but I’m pretty sure it could be measured in months and weeks rather than hours. So it’s only natural that I would be excited to hear more about Diablo 3. And Blizzard doesn’t disappoint, with the beta being a ton of fun and the cinematics being amazing. The simplification of the leveling process seemed like an odd decision until I saw the runestone system which gives infinitely more meaningful customization than the old leveling system ever did. Essentially it feels to me like Blizzard has truly taken a look at what was good and what wasn’t about Diablo 2 and are working to correct the things that weren’t. And I can’t wait to see how it all plays out, especially the rune system. And the cinematics and trailers… from the absolutely amazing Demon Hunter reveal trailer to the Black Soulstone cinematic, Blizzard has been outdoing themself over and over again.

Black Soulstone Cinematic courtesy of diablo on Youtube:

Diablo 3 Gameplay Preview courtesy of diablo on Youtube:

All of this adds up to a game that I’ve been waiting a very long time for and appears to be living up to my expectations and will be well worth the wait.


Written by: Sean

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