Most Anticipated of 2012 – Handheld Edition

Today we wanted to do a special most anticipated highlighting the titles we’re most looking forward to for each of the two big ‘new’ handhelds.

For the 3DS, our pick is Kid Icarus: Uprising. I remember as a kid playing hours and hours of the original Kid Icarus and loving it – so a sequel has my interest just from there. But to make matters more interesting, the graphics are unbelievable, and the gameplay just looks incredibly fun. Now, we haven’t seen terribly much about it, so there’s not that much to say, but here’s a trailer to say it for us:

‘Pit Soars’ trailer courtesy of IGN on youtube:


And for the PSVita, our pick is Ruin. Ruin is a Diablo-style viewpoint action rpg. However, what really makes ruin a unique title are two things:

1) The game will seamlessly play using cloud saves on your ps3 as well, meaning that if you want to play it and you’re at home, that’s not a problem because you can just hop over to your ps3 and have some fun.

2) As you progress, you build a lair for yourself. Depending on how strong you are, the dungeon protecting your lair and your lair itself change and become stronger. Other players can invade your lair, or you can invade other players’ lair – and it all happens in real time thanks to the cloud connectivity of the system.

Overall, I can’t wait to see how the psv/ps3 compatibility plays out and what that means for the future of ps vita gaming – if more titles take advantage of that capability we could be in for a true revolution of handheld gaming. I also do just love diablo-style action rpgs ;)

E3 2011 Gameplay video courtesy of IGN on youtube:



Written by: Sean

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