Most Anticipated of 2012 – Mass Effect 3

Following that rather awesome trailer at the VGAs, it seems only natural that Mass Effect 3 fill today’s spot in our ‘Most Anticipated of 2012’ previews series.

Mass Effect 3 continues Shephard’s epic story by actually having the invasion that he or she has been talking about for all these years. The Reapers have come. Earth has fallen. And now, galactic war ensues.

Doesn’t sound epic enough yet? Well, first and foremost, you can look back here: to see what we here at TGR-Net thought of the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 back at the beginning of the year. But now, let’s got onto what they’ve done going forward. They’re carrying all of your decisions from 1 and 2 forward, and building your party out of the survivors of both games. They’re carrying any love interests you had in the two games forward, provided they survived the second game. And that’s just the story…

On the gameplay front, as you can see if you watch any of the trailers, they’ve done a huge amount of work on making characters’ movements feel more natural and fluid. The things that Shephard has been seen doing during the trailers would’ve been unheard of in even Mass Effect 2. Furthermore, they’re completely integrating the multiplayer experience into your single player ‘universe’ without compromising the single player – or so they say. Essentially the game is a massive galactic war. And you want to win it – so you have to take the fight to the reapers and reclaim territory. In order to get a perfect ending, a lot of steps will be needed, and these steps can involve single player or multiplayer missions – truly giving people the freedom to play alone or with friends as they wish. The multiplayer missions have been described as being sort of more dynamic versions of ‘horde mode’ from Gears of War 3. But that was a while ago, so things could have changed – but either way, squad-based multiplayer in Mass Effect seems like a sure win to me.

Basically they’ve taken the success of Mass Effect 2, added on a whole bunch of awesome bells and whistles, and made what sounds like it may be the quintessential Western RPG for the generation.┬áHere’s hoping it lives up to the hype.

The trailer I mentioned above is shown here, courtesy of gametrailers on youtube:

And here’s an interview about the ME3 multiplayer and single player integration – note, they specifically say XBox Live but I’m sure it’ll be on PSN as well:



Written by: Sean

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