Picks of the Week – December 12, 2011

It’s time to get your recommendations for how to keep yourself thoroughly occupied and entertained this week – that’s right! It’s our Monday Picks of the Week.

Game: Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy 4 was many long-time series fans first introduction to the Final Fantasy series, and in many peoples’ eyes it is the best entry in the series as well, in fact it is a pretty common topic of debate as to whether 4 or 6 take that spot. Earlier this year Square came out with a collection of Final Fantasy 4, a new ‘interlude’ segment, and the After Years – which was originally only released in Japan but was later brought here via WiiWare if I remember correctly – all on one UMD disk. The Complete Collection is a huge value considering the sheer amount of content, and I am loving every minute of my return to the world of Final Fantasy 4.

Music: Matoya’s Cave – The Black Mages

The Black Mages, as most of you know from previous articles, were a band made by Nobuo Uematsu to do remixes of Final Fantasy themes. They made this variation of the Final Fantasy 1 theme ‘Matoya’s Cave’ and it just turned out amazing. It starts out with a slight variation on the actual theme, and then it picks up into a techno/light metal variant that is just impossible to describe.

Book: Diablo: The Book of Cain

This ‘source book’ to the Diablo universe comes out tomorrow, and has the author listed as ‘Deckard Cain’ which, in and of itself, is enough to make me interested. The fact that it is the conclusive source of the Lore of the Diablo Universe, and it’s actually written as though it were Cain’s research over the past 20 years just makes it something I am beyond excited for.


Written by: Sean

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