Picks of the Week – December 19, 2011

Another Monday has come, and let’s get right into giving you our recommendations of what you should be reading, listening to, and playing this week!

Game – Super Mario 3D Land

Mario is back and in good form in this fine platformer for the 3DS. Proof that Nintendo still really DOES have what it takes to make a game that isn’t just for those who like to flail their hands, Super Mario 3D land features very traditional controls for the most part and creates a very high quality platforming experience, worthy of being cast in the same light as Super Mario World and Mario 64.

Song РWhy РAyaka

This is the theme from the end of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 – and this song just fits the mood of the scene during which it plays so perfectly that it makes for this amazing mood of sadness and hope, satisfaction yet loss… that is fantastically moving. But the song in its own right is a fantastic work of art. I strongly urge you to go out and get this song if you have any love for Japanese music – and really, even if you don’t.

Book – Crystal Singer – Anne McCaffrey

Most well-known for her Pern series, McCaffrey’s best work in my opinion is the Crystal Singer series. The first book introduces you to the lead character Killashandra Ree, a singer who has lost her dream and is unsure what to do with her life when she meets a very charismatic member of the elusive and secretive Heptite Guild of Ballybran. Her life is quickly changed from that chance encounter, and from there begins one of my favourite trilogies and one of the most unique science fiction adventures out there.


Written by: Sean

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