Picks of the Week – December 26th, 2011

Hello from England – given that I’m abroad right now, I though I’d do a sort of ‘traveler’s edition’ of Picks of the Week this week.

Book – The Fellowship of the Ring

If you’re travelling, the Lord of the Rings is a fantastic series to bring with you. The epic tale that gave birth to the fantasy genre begins with ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ – a tale of the most unlikely of heroes cast into a role that seems way too large for him to have any chance of filling. While Tolkien’s writing can be a bit verbose, the scale of the world of Middle Earth is beyond any other created, before or since, and is a world that any fan of fantasy owes it to themselves to experience in its intended, and original form. And if you happen to be travelling anytime soon – that is the absolute perfect time to do it as its length will keep you occupied for hours, and the depth will allow you to re-read it to find things that you missed on your first time through.

Game – The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen an example of what happens when a Japanese game is localized for an English audience poorly, haven’t we? But Trails in the Sky is a perfect example of what can happen when you take a hidden gem of a Japanese RPG and put it in the hands of a team who know how to properly localize video games. This is one of the finest Japanese RPGs you will ever experience, easily in the caliber of the Final Fantasy series, and if you are a fan of Japanese RPGs and own a PSP you shouldn’t be waiting any longer than it takes to finish reading this article to go and get this charming RPG off of the PSN or from a retailer – if you can find one that still sells psp games – for your enjoyment.

Song – The Dream Within – Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within OST

Whether you liked the Spirits Within or not – most likely not – the vocal track ‘The Dream Within’ remains one of the most beautiful tracks from any movie soundtrack that has ever been. And it’s soothing and relaxing tones will be perfect for anyone trying to calm down on a long overseas flight so they can get some sleep.


Written by: Sean

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