TGR-Net’s Best of the Year Awards – The Categories

Well, we’re within weeks of a new year’s beginning, and it’s time for us to take a look back at the best games of 2011. This year has been an amazing year, with amazing games to play every month. From January through December, every month has been full of excitement. Today we take a look at the categories we’ll be breaking things down into.

We’ll be breaking these into categories which will be posted separately so as to give a more focused ‘best of’ post each time. In this post we’re just going to go over the categories and a brief description of what was looked at in each category when determining nominees and winners.



Best Graphics

The Best Graphics category is pretty obvious, just which game has the highest quality and best looking graphics.

Best Soundtrack
This category there were three things that came into consideration. 1) How good did it sound? 2) How memorably was it? And lastly, 3) How fitting was it for what was happening on-screen?

Best Individual Song

The Best Individual Song category is for the game theme that really stood out as the most interesting. The song I would most want to listen to just on its own, while still maintaining a perfect fit for the game.

Best Art Direction

The Best Art Direction category is to honour the game whose artists expressed the most creativity in creating their cohesive vision for this game. Basically: The game that would be most likely to be qualified as a ‘work of art’.

Best Cinematic
In this category we’re simply looking at the overall impact of each cinematic or cutscene and picking the one that worked the best on every level.

Most Interesting Sound Effects

This one is pretty straightforward… which game’s sound effects did the best job of keeping interest in the game going.


Best Story

Which game told the best story? Find out in this category!

Most Interesting Gameplay Innovation or Concept

This category is looking at concepts that either haven’t really been seen before, or haven’t been done well before – or are just really intriguing and unique.

Best Multiplayer – Large Group

This is focusing on large scale multiplayer – groups of 8+ players typically.  Which game did that the best?

Best Multiplayer – Small Group

This is the same as the above just focusing on smaller groups, 2 player, 4 player, 3v3, etc.

Sexiest Female Character

Being a man, it only is natural that I’d have ranked the hotties of video gaming for the year – eh? Well, here’s the sexiest video game female this year in my opinion.

Best Ending

This is the game with the best ending of the year. We looked at emotional impact, scale, music, story elements, and just overall awesomeness here.


Most Epic Moment

This is the single moment in any game of the year that you just had that ‘I am so awesome I could roundhouse chuck norris and he wouldn’t even know what hit him’ kinda feeling. Pure and utter epicness.

Best Game For All Ages

This is the best family friendly game, one that would appeal to gamers from 8 to 80.

Best Action/Adventure Game

Best game that could be qualified as Action/Adventure. When judging an Action/Adventure game we lo0ked at the quality of the gameplay, the controls, the presentation, and to a lesser extent story.

Best RPG

This is the award for the best RPG. In this category story was the most important factor. Story and character development. After those, we looked at if the game was fun to play and in event of a tie presentation made the final breaking point.

Best Shooter

The best shooter. Keep in mind that I don’t play first person games, so this is among the Third Person Shooters – those lesser acknowledged but still amazing shooters. These games were judged first and foremost by how satisfying the shooting was, the quality of the gameplay, and after that any multiplayer it had.

Best Platformer

The best platformer is judged by the reliability of the controls, the difficulty curve, the level of overall playability, and most importantly the fun factor.

Best Downloadable Title

This is the best downloadable title. The one that felt the most worth the money for the year. Note, this only covered games where download is the only medium to get it.

Best Re-release or Remake

We had a ton of re-released, hd remakes, and other assorted revamping of older games. Here we look at which one of these was the best to go back to revisit and which remake was done the best.

Best Strategy Game

When judging a Strategy game, we looked at the style, the gameplay, and the variety of options.

Best Handheld Title

Here we looked at the best handheld gaming title. Handheld platforms include the PSP, DS, and 3DS in this current time. No, iPhone and Android don’t count.

Best Exclusive Title

Since there weren’t terribly many non-ps3 exclusives that we played, it seemed a little unfair to have Gears 3 sitting in its own category so we rolled all of the exclusives into one category and here we have the ‘Best Exclusive Title’ category.

Best Multiplatform Title

As the counter to the above, here we have the best game that wasn’t exclusive to any one console.

Game of the Year

And our final category, the prestigious game of the year category. The big one. Who will be our favourite game of the year?

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