Timewaster for the Weekend – Chocobo Hot and Cold

I’ve decided to take a swing down memory lane this week for our Timewaster for the Weekend, going back to the late 90s and the Playstation. Yes, the original Playstation. The game, Final Fantasy 9 – the timewaster? Chocobo Hot and Cold.

Chocobo Hot and Cold is probably the most addictive minigame in history. I can remember several times in my younger days starting playing this at like 6 in the evening, thinking no time has passed, and then looking at the clock and being like ‘Whoa 5 AM? How?’ No exaggeration on this at all. So this is a minigame you first get access to a few hours into the game, and is available for prettymuch the rest of the game, with new additions coming at various intervals as you accomplish certain tasks within it.

The minigame has two components, the actual chocobo hot and cold minigame and a treasure hunt you can do outside. The Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame is in contained locations such as Chocobo’s Forest and Chocobo’s Lagoon, and is an item hunting game. You go around pecking the ground, and the chocobo makes noises based off how close you are to the item. It’s all timed, very high pace, and a ton of addictive fun.

In addition, you can get all sorts of cool items from it, if you’re persistent, which can be used in the game. Overall I think it is the best designed minigame I’ve ever seen, and I still go back and play FF9 every so often to re-experience it’s glory. Luckily FF9 is available on the PSN now and can be played either on your PS3 or your PSP, so regardless of which Sony console you have – you can get yourself some chocobo hot and cold action.



Written by: Sean

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