Timewaster for the Weekend – Starjeweled (StarCraft 2 map)

This weekend we want to give you a way to get the good old ‘bejeweled’ concept in a competitive manner: The Blizzard Entertainment made Starcraft 2 map ‘Starjeweled’.

Starjeweled takes the concept of bejeweled – lining up 3 gems by swapping spots in order to eliminate them. As you eliminate them, you fill up your energy bar. Then you use that energy to either spawn AI controlled units or cast spells to effect the tide of battle. The overall goal is to kill your opponent’s base, and the AI will send any units you summon for it at the other team. Sounds pretty simple, and it is, but the dynamics of bejeweled mix with a sort of simplistic strategy battle is just brilliant.

There’s not really much else to say so I’ll just leave you with the comment of ‘why aren’t you already going out to play this?’.  Have fun!


Written by: Sean

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