Highlights – February 2012

It’s the end of the month, time for another edition of ‘Highlights’ where we take a look at the big releases to watch out for in the month ahead! After a fairly slow starting January, with most of its titles only coming out today, we have a pretty full February to look forward to!

February 7:

The Darkness II – The first game was one of the many that made me wish it was 3rd person in stead of 1st only, and the second will be another of these. I can’t wait to see how it does, even if unfortunately I won’t be playing it.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Here’s the big one for me. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, and god I hope I’m finished FFXIII-2 in time to give this the attention it deserves. As long as they fix the graphical ps3 issues found in the demo… it looks like its shaping up to be a fantastic rpg.

Shank 2 – The sequel to the incredibly popular sidescrolling brawler Shank is coming to all consoles on the 7th(except the 360 on the 8th), and once I have time I will quite likely be giving this some attention.

Jak and Daxter Collection – Another one of the fantastic PS3 classic collections will be coming – this time Jak and Daxter. Featuring the original trilogy of the Jak games.

February 14:

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend – Another continuation on Blazblue will be hitting stores here. I think I’ve hit my limit of Blazblue I can take, but I’m sure fans of the series are looking forward to this.

Tales of the Abyss – The classic PS2 JRPG is coming to the 3DS, hopefully this one will make for another great reason to own one.

Twisted Metal – The rebirth of the Twisted Metal series has millions excited – and I can proudly say I’m one of them. The vehicle combat game was one of my first loves on the PS1 and I cannot wait to get my hands on this re-imagining for the PS3.

February 21:

Asura’s Wrath – The over-the-top Brawler from Capcom hits the 360 and PS3 on the 21st – and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how it works.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D – Another ‘remake’ of a classic game for the 3DS, it’s almost making me think that the 3DS will be known more for this than for new games. But here’s hoping it’ll be as good as Metal Gear’s name demands.

February 22: The Playstation Vita hits stores in the US and Canada along with its rather vast launch lineup. I won’t go into all of them here, they’ll be in a separate article coming soon so check back for that, but suffice it to say that this could be REALLY good for Sony…. or really bad. And we’ll just have to wait and see which!

February 28:

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 – The sequel to one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played hits stores here. After watching the trailer I’m not sure whether to be excited or scared, but I’ll definitely be checking it out as soon as I have a chance.

Binary Domain – A squad based third person shooter that is going to try to incorporate the concept of ‘trust’ into the shooter genre. Based off of how you treat your squadmates, they’ll react differently to you and adjust their behaviour. I just hope it doesn’t require you to talk to it to work, but we’ll have to see. Altogether an interesting concept!

SSX – The first sports game in probably a decade – possibly longer – that I’ve been excited for. I am absolutely very eager to get my hands on SSX when it hits stores. I used to love the Snowboarding sub-genre back in the Cool Boarders days, and I hope that this will bring that love back for me.


Well that’s it for February – a huge month altogether and I dunno where I’ll find time for everything! Happy Gaming!


Written by: Sean

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