Picks of the Week – January 23

Now that we’re back on track – time for more picks of the week. Sorry about the 2 weeks of missed picks, but we’ll make up for it with some good ones today!

Book – The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

The first book in the Mistborn trilogy introduces us to the title location – The Final Empire – where an oppressive slaveculture exists and a rebellion is about to happen. Our main characters are a street urchin named Vin and Kellsier, a bit of a legend among the slavish Skaa. The book gives a good introduction into the magic used in the world – known as Allomancy – which is an interesting metal-based magic that allows people some fantastic yet very believable powers. Overall its a really unique story with some very interesting and relatable characters set in a world that will pique your curiosity and make you want more.

Song – SCV Love Song by ‘Nerd Alert’

A well known starcraft 2 caster named Husky was combined with a parodist and singer Kurt Hugo Schneider to form a band they’ve called ‘Nerd Alert’. They’ve done a few parodies, but probably my favourite thing they’ve done is an original song dedicated to the Starcraft 2 Terran SCV. Any fans of Starcraft 2 should listen to this song – it can be found on iTunes or on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zwP9ErgIWs&feature=relmfu . It is a charming little song about those little builders we all know and love.

Game – Final Fantasy XIII

With its sequel only a week away, if you want to have time to finish a replay of the original for a refresher, you’ll have to start now. And if you haven’t played it, as long as you can tolerate linearity I strongly recommend it. The game features a fantastic story, amazing graphics and music design, and the most fun combat system I’ve ever seen in an rpg to date. But the first 35 hours are very linear, so if that bothers you you might want to just skip to the second one and read a summary of the story from the first. However, if linearity isn’t a problem for you then Final Fantasy XIII will be a ton of fun for you, like it was for me.


Enjoy, and happy gaming!


Written by: Sean

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